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Yongchun County

Yongchun County is a county of Fujian Province, China. It is under the administration of Quanzhou city. Yongchun county has two unique product : Yongchun paper woven painting and Yongchun painted bamboo baskets.

As a folk traditional hand-made art and craft, Paper-weaving Pictures can be only found in Yongchun. Yongchun County, located at southeast of Fujian, about 54 kilometres from Quanzhou city. Covering an area of more than 1400 square kilometres. It is renowned as the "Town of Paper-weaving Picture" in 2000.

The art of Paper-weaving picture of Yongchun is a unique folk art and craft in China with a long history of more than 1400 years. It represents another special  beauty and profundity of Chinese traditional paintings.

Yongchun Paper Woven Painting
The paper woven painting of Yongchun County is a special traditional handicraft, enjoying the same fame with the Hangzhou Silk Woven Painting, the Suzhou Cut Silk Painting and the Sichuan Bamboo Curtain Painting. It has a long history of more than 1,400 year, almost originated from the Tang Dynasty. The images on the paper are usually in soft colors and a lively three-dimensional effect. Now, this excellent painting is deeply favored by travelers and has been exported to over 40 countries.

Yongchun Painted Bamboo Baskets
The elegant painted bamboo basket is a skillful lacquerware of Yongchun County. Once, it was a popular commodity in South China in the Ming Dynasty, which is also a necessary dowry for the local bride. It is said that over 20 materials and 30 processes are needed when producing a perfect painted basket. And, there are about 100 categories of the baskets according to their different shapes and uses.

Tourist Destination in Yongchun County

Yongchun Niumulin in the south of Fujian, is located in the northwest part of Quanzhou and in Yongchun County, the planning acreage is 10 thousand hectaresNiumulin national forest Management and Administrative Station was founded in Year 1964, it is listed as partial primary forest nature reserve in Year 1984, ecological tourist area was planned and constructed in Year 1999. Niumulin is nature reserve, popular science and education base, ecological education base and social practice base for middle school students in Fujian Province; it is the best-reserved and ultimate feature virgin forest colony in south Fujian Area.

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